Waiting on The Other Side Is Opportunity!

It's been a while since I've wrote a blog, a passage describing what's currently going on in my life and my views of the world. Even though you have been able to read my articles and still hear my voice within the interviews I've been blessed to do. For some reason I've been feeling like I've been holding back. Blocking something that was pushing to come out and I just continued to work, move and live while ignoring it. But today was the last straw, the anointing that's over my life has now surpassed my ability to block it. The art of being a creator is that you will create even when you don't want or feel like it. You will inspire even when you are empty. You will motivate even when you're speechless. I have now come to the conclusion that on the other side of all this world pandemic, uncertainty times and unmeasured turmoil God is still on the throne. He still holds your purpose and mine! We didn't lose just our sense of normality for some of us we have lost our ability to create. Some of us have been so depressed and consumed with anxiety that we have adapted back into bad habits, unworthy relationships and the sense of not knowing our next move. Well let me be the first to say that I've been there right with you. Can you imagine dealing with all of what I just mentioned and yet still have your purpose in your hand?

I have just embarked upon one of the greatest opportunities in my life but yet I couldn't enjoy my accomplishment because I operating as the old me. The old me who stayed silent to disrespect, the old me who grasped to people out of being lonely. The old me who denied God and ignored the very best of herself. I have said this before that my dream saved my life and once again my purpose has pulled me out of the darkness once again. I have realized that it's okay to fall into situations that are beneath you at times. Those situations will only teach and remind you of who you truly are and who you have suffered so much to become. I was feeling so ashamed and trapped not knowing how to articulate my emotions. I felt like I was going in circles and still trying to execute greatness. But you see you can still go through cycles and produce the very best of yourself. The dark time is only there to activate your inner beast, your anointing that no man or woman can touch. You create the best books, songs, movies, projects and businesses in dark times. I challenge you to stop looking at this dark time as if the world was coming to end. I challenge you to evaluate what you actually have in front of you. OPPORTUNITY. We have opportunity, time and the space to create and create is what I'm doing. I encourage you to not only get back to who God has called you to be which is BOLD, DARING,ANOINTED AND SET APART. But I encourage you to tap into a deeper and greater version of yourself. Tap into the very essence of your true identity that only your creativity can recognize. I may have been in a funk and definitely haven't been operating as my true self lately. But isn't great when you can recognize that your better than your current circumstance. So the same way God woke me up this morning to remind me that he's still here, he forgives me and still has purpose for me. He wanted me to be that reminder for you. You still have purpose, your creativity will only enhance from this and your closer to the person you need to become to grasp hold of an destiny you can't even imagine.

I chose to devote this blog to @SarahJakesRoberts .You has continuously given me the exact words from God that bless and continue to cover me for years. You have been an example of what purpose and divine glory resembles. Thank you for saying yes to your anointing and allowing us to watch!

Watch the latest message that inspired this blog here!

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