The Voice of Tavia MD.

Q: Tell me who Tavia is?

A: Tavia is a god fearing woman. She is a mother of two, wife, author, serial entrepreneur, avid traveler and home cook. She is hardworking and always under promises and over delivers.

Q.How did you get started with working with so many talented and big celebrities? 

A: I actually stumbled upon it when I was younger working as a promoter for a lot of top locations in NYC Night Scene. I met a lot of people and made a lot of connections and was about to catapult that into a career in publicity. 

Q: Explain to me the vision behind and how did the partnership come about?

A: Thisis50 is a complete vlog that highlights the stories of talent in film, music, and sports. I was assisting a host already working there with booking talent and the relationship resulted in me being asked to handle PR and Talent for them. I was always fascinated with the behind the scenes and J. Bettis taught me to produce. Those lessons led me to creating the IGTV series when COVID hit. 

Q: You created the Future is Female Fire Chat. Why was this something you desired to start? Where did the purpose stem from?

A: There was a point in time where workshops were trending and I spent $75 building a vision board I never used. I felt like I learned nothing and wondered if other women felt that way. I had always worked with women in the music industry that like myself felt like they had no one to bounce things off of. They spent so much time trying to be seen as equal to their male counterparts. The same rang true when I spoke to entrepreneurs who most times have limited funds. It was why I created the chat. For 90 mins, women get to interact and listen to different scenarios that they experience and may not have known how to deal with. They get to network with some of the leading female minds in their field. 

Q: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

A: Highlight of my career is always getting the feedback from ladies that attend my Future is Female Fire chats. They are always so thankful and it makes my heart full to know I am making a difference.

Q: How have the industry changed for you in your opinion due to the pandemic and the unveiling of racism?

A: Racism has always been unveiled its just that with COVID and no one being allowed to leave left space for more people to see the injustice we face as black people. Breonna’s killers are still free. 

Q: What impacted you to self publish your first book?

A: Heated debates on Facebook. Isn’t that how must ideas come into play. I was constantly giving the same advice so I thought to myself let me write this book. 

Q: What can we expect from you in the future? What projects are you currently working on?

A: I’m about to start working on my second book and I am currently handling public relations for Renni Rucci, Hylan Starr and Legendary Songwriter/Producer Sean Garrett. I also continue to executive producer Thisis50’s IGTV series until we return to in studio interviews. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone whose looking for their purpose in life? 

A: You define your purpose. Take the time to listen to your inner thoughts. It won’t come at once but it will come in doses just keep your eyes and heart open! 

Q: Where can the public follow you? Social media platforms!

A: Instagram @taviamd 

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