The Unspoken Truth Behind Vaginal Health

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The conversation surrounding women's health has been a big topic in the media lately but has it become so imperative that we have now turned our conversations into prominent action. CEO and owner of Kitty Candy, Madison has not only started the conversation but has decided to create a feminine care line designated to answer questions while catering to our everyday needs.

Now I was excited to be able to speak with someone who was not only a woman but who had the passion that supported her knowledge behind women's health. Knowing that women have been programmed to not speak about certain body parts especially in public has brought many of us into lonely situations of feeling embarrassed, ashamed or honestly ignorant to what our bodies need. We have been shunned to the very topic of learning our vagina's and how we should care for it appropriately. Well, Thank God for women like Madison who not only decided to create a product for her family and friends she decided to share her secrets with the world. Launching a full care line dedicated to women and our vaginal well being has given opportunities such as recent feature in and opening the door to calling herself a former law enforcer to a CEO. Madison has proved to be a women who believes in natural remedies and the powerful impact that they have on our bodies.

"Growing up we receive the impression that issues with our vagina is our fault but in reality it can be from not drinking enough water or from our hormones, giving birth and even semen can throw our PH balance off." Understanding that its never our fault on why our vaginal areas maybe imbalanced at times. Opening up the conversation can help the next women become healthier, feel more confident is all what Madison practices and preaches.

Madison has defined the underline of what women need in the bathroom and has made it not only appeal to us but help us to be more proactive "It should be like doing your makeup, it should be a routine." Recent studies have been proven to show that minority women have the highest in cervical and breast cancer which raises the question of what aren't we being informed about. Madison believes that the lack of conversation and knowledge about vaginal health has causes certain communities to suffer. By using more natural products that are here to help us and not dye infused chemicals that many known brands sell millions in yearly can help decrease known illnesses. It's not just about what you see advertised on television or modeled in magazines with a women wearing a big smile on her face, it's about doing your research and reading how and what can affect you. As women we have been given the gift to give birth so why wouldn't our vaginal areas be one of the main topics in society. Kitty Candy has unified a movement, a call to action to get to know our bodies in a new, natural and informative way. Our physical health is mostly glorified but it's up to us to start taking the authority over our inner health as well.

Why not start with your vagina?

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