The Runway Diva Herself

Shay"The Runway Diva" Davis and I have a little history so getting the news that I would be interviewing her gave me a great feeling on the inside. When I was working as a freelance wardrobe stylist in Atlanta,Georgia some years back Shay Davis was one of the first models who helped me build my portfolio. To see how far she's come is a testament to hard work and persistence at its best.

From when this beauty hits the runway or a photo shoot set she captivates what the essence of a woman shinning in her purpose resembles. Her mother giving her the first look into the modeling industry at a young age to her finding herself come full circle years later can only be one thing I know called destiny. The highlight yet thus far for Ms. Davis has been the BET Black Girls Rock special. "I got the callback but I thought it was for a background part",she was far from the background and the experience may have not been expected but most deserved. The way Shay Davis can capture the attention on set and on the runways has leveraged the building of her platform. Working with known brands such as BET, Revlon, Macy's, Brides,Dove, Samsung and TV One Shay continues to show that titles are not meant to box us in. Being a model doesn't mean that's all you can be and she proves that with her new venture of teaching the Do's and Don'ts of being a model. Curating a 5 hour workshop, guest coaches and one on one sessions Shay has created a space for inspiring models to gain the real knowledge and experience needed in the industry today.

She's taking the entertainment industry by storm with acting, modeling, giving back her personal time and knowledge to the next generations to come. Walking the runway in expensive designer gowns is only the image we all get to see but the work and dedication that many models display behind the scenes is something that isn't showed enough. I believe that Shay Davis can not only walk in a runway show fearlessly or take a photo with just the right amount of personality but she holds what this industry should value. The art of the profession is taken very serious with Ms. Davis but the joy of living in her purpose shows with every, strut,photo,TV premier and class that she graciously teaches.

When summing up our conversation I asked Shay what advice would she give to an inspiring model. The words fell so easily from her yet held such a strong presence to them "Have tough skin, be prepared to take some No's, go for it always, but remember to study and practice the craft first." This beauty will continue to elevate in her career and show us how to stay true to our calling while looking fierce doing so.

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