The Race To Greatness

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

From the very moment I heard the drive behind the beautiful, outgoing and inspiring track and field star Jennifer Madu I knew that this interview would be more than a Q and A.

Listening to the inspiration behind Jennifer's reasons on why and how she stays motivated to continue the journey of running she explains how she doesn't specially have a role model that many may know. Family is her push, drive and motivation that started her career and continues to help define the reason behind WHY she keeps moving forward. The Nigerian culture that she was raised around has help determine her influence and who she gives credit to. "My father always said to pay attention to what I'm doing" that statement not only shows significance on how she runs on the track but how she runs her life entirely.Training for the 2020 Olympics is Jennifer's second go around but the work ethic is first on her list on coming home with a win.

Having the physical endurance, mental focus and emotional positivity Madu shows up each day to "push through the pain" no matter which way it forms. She dominates the track but she hasn't limited her self to just athletics. Building a hair company that provides services to help woman look amazing in any industry they plan to win in has also captivated a new audience that continues to grow. "Made By Madusa" is carving beauty in a new, innovating and beautiful way. Creating what she feels beauty should resemble is definitely shown through the images and value behind her brand. As I wondered how Madu fell into the art of beauty she described how she wanted a specific style or hair texture when it came to her own hair and when she didn't receive her exact vision she decide to do it herself.

With the 2020 Olympics around the corner Jennifer has devoted her time and energy to being the best for country and her community while not leaving her business to far behind when stating "I made this decision" which spoke volumes to me displayed humility yet so much passion. To work towards a goal is one thing but the reminder to ourselves that we chose to go after that goal holds power that Jennifer continues to practice. The advice she left at the end of this interview held truth and characteristics we should all live by "we are not here long enough to be stressing" stressing is something Jennifer isn't focused on but training to win is. To limit your abilities is the fault we can only blame ourselves but in order to cross the finish line we must first put on our running shoes to start.

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