The Artistry Behind M.O. Littles

Becoming a hip hop artist wasn't just a hard task for M.O. Littles to accomplish, it was destined to occur. M.O. Littles was always inspired by the sound of hip hop and how it flowed so poetically in his ears to opening up a new found vibe in the music industry.

Starting the conversation with M.O. Littles I could hear in his voice the calmness of confidence and passion that were displayed with his choice of words. Being inspired by iconic hip hop legend Tupac Shakur creative ways of telling a story while always remaining true to the world around him birthed a new sound for the artist we listen to today. With releasing hit singles such as "Chosen One" and "Faith In Me" M.O. Littles has now served his fans with hit latest hit "Hands Down" recently released on March 20th. Music touched M.O. Littles first but his love for writing both play significant roles in his success. Being a writer didn't fall far from the tree, growing up in a family who were authors and a teacher it was only a matter of time for the gift of telling stories to arise in him too.

Tapping into music gave the creativity and voice needed for not only his community to strive but his purpose to be manifested. Working on new projects to release this summer M.O. Littles has found the time and the way to remain in the studio during our world's pandemic crisis. Music has always been a way of freeing up his mind and taking the needed yet uncertain pause to reflect will be the next lyrics on our playlist.

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