A1 Bentley Speaks New Heights For The New Year

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A1 Bentley recently broke the internet over Thanksgiving weekend with his new hit single

"2 At A Time". He was already making a name for himself with producing and writing collaborations with artist such as Omarion, Chris Brown,Jeremiah and Ty Dolla $ign just to name a few.

From being on the hit show Love and Hip Hop, launching new music and embarking on a new journey in fashion, A1 is taking his brand to new heights. I had the privilege of speaking with A1 Bentley to hear about all the new ventures he has launching in 2020!

Toni: What was the inspiration behind your new hit single " 2 At A Time" that recently went viral on Thanksgiving weekend?

A1 Bentley: I was feeling creative and I went into the studio with put down 8 records in one night and we just had fun with it. I felt that it was the right single to release first.

Toni: That's a lot of songs you record in one night, eight records! You definitely have a creative mind.

A1 Bentley: Yea, I usually put down 10 records a session.

Toni: I received the news of your recently signing to RIV entertainment. Do you feel like you have more creative control? How do feel about this new journey?

A1 Bentley: I've always had creative control but I was honored to work with RIV entertainment and have always been a fan of their work. They have a great energy and I"m ready to take it to the next level and I believe we can do that together.

Toni: After hearing the new single who can we expect to hear featured on the new album?

A1 Bentley: We have features such as rap artists French Montana and Nelly.

Toni: I absolutely love the line up.

Toni: Fashion is definitely something I'm passionate about and I can see you are too. What inspires your fashion sense?

A1 Bentley: I inspire myself, I like being spontaneous with what I wear and being edgy.

Toni: What inspired the no SHIRT trend we see so much on the show Love and Hip Hop?

A1 Bentley: I am a SEX SYMBOL.

Toni: Well being a sex symbol who loves fashion, Do you prefer to shop for yourself or prefer a stylist to dress you?

A1 Bentley: Have you heard of the song "NO STYLIST" by French Montana and Drake?

Toni:Yes, I have.

A1 Bentley: Well I wrote it.

Toni: Well then it's self explanatory!

Toni: What can we expect from your music and fashion new adventures in the new year?

A1 Bentley: Definitely dropping the New EP, New Videos, New Clothes and New Nail Polish Line.

Toni: I have to hear more about your nail polish line. Can I at least get the name of the new line?

A1 Bentley: TUH, the nail polish line is called TUH.

Toni: Like your jumpsuits we see you rocking on a daily.

A1 Bentley: Yes.

Toni: Well I can't wait to hear ear more about your new nail polish and your clothing line coming in 2020.

A1 Bentley: Yea I will definitely keep you updated!

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