Who is the rapper Mero you ask?

Manifestation is how we started off the conversation of finding out how and where Mero became one of the hottest artist rising from Germany. From stealing his big sisters CD's and rapping on a hair brush to hitting sold out stages Mero has infidelity defined what truly manifestation resembles.

"Hip hop plays a big influence on how I talk, write and dress" is how Mero continued to express his love,importance on hip hop and how it relates to the man he's become. From artist like Kris Kross, Biggie, Tupac and Jay-Z being his inspiration to break into the industry Mero continues to use hit roots to elevate his career while never forgetting who paved the way.

Working on his new project "Paper Chase" that was released on February 6th has been the industry chatter for sometime now. "Everyone has their own way of being on a paper chase" Mero describes. His inspiration behind the song was to express and display how anyone from a 9 to 5 to even a drug dealer has to gain a way to surviving in this world, no one excluded. The Europe sound mixed with the core art of American hip hip will be the new sound "the corona-virus virus, it's going to effect everybody" is how Mero describes his next musical movement.

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