Capturing The Picture of Maya Lanet

Maya Lanet opened up the conversation with laughter and gracious words to be showcasing her new single "Take A Picture". With recently gaining management that has now turned her dream into a reality, we wanted to know what was next for this talented beauty.

As she discussed her history the love and journey we were able to understand that her brother opened up a new world for her that she would follow for years to come in the art of music. Attending Kenasaw University while working, Maya continues to show what dedication to your craft resembles. "I'm a perfectionist my craft has to be perfect". Working on this project with Mykee Mike was nothing less of creative yet ground breaking for the new emerged artist Maya. Introducing the song to Mykee Mike he felt the immediate passion and capturing spell that this song was going to create. Heading straight to the studio and collaborating on a piece that we now listen to released life lessons and emotions both experienced by both.

Modeling new rising clothing brands is only some of the exciting things Maya is embarking on. We can expect a new EP dropping in early October from the rising star. With the inspiration from artist such as Frank Ocean Maya explains "He paints a picture of his words" and Jhene Aiko " I admire the way she makes what is usually known as toxic music sound so beautiful". Maya went on to describe how black women are either seen as emotional or toxic in society especially in the music industry. She wants to show in her music that we can tackle both but in a real authentic way. Women are suppose to be either good or bad, pure or impure and never an in between. The way that Jhene Aiko releases her true feelings while remaining a beauty of integrity is art and skill Maya goes on to explain. Maya has been playing close attention to those who have paved the way for her voice to be heard. She doesn't treat her career as just one picture but only letting us into definitive glimpses of her world.

Listen to Take A Picture Here On Apple Music!

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