The Magic Behind Blaque Rose

Q: What inspired you to enter into the music industry?

A: My love for music of course and the music business. I love learning new things and meeting new people; potential fans and collaborators. This industry is always changing so it keeps me busy. I am just adding my magical sound to it. This is what I've always wanted to do and it almost feels like déjà vu to me.

Q: What moment would you define as your big break? Please be descriptive!

A: When you're watching one of my music videos playing on YouTube and then you hear my song on the radio playing right after - that’s when you truly know that I have gone viral and that I've made my big break. Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me. The process is so amazing being an up and coming artist; it's a challenge that I am willing to accept and I believe that if you put that good energy into the universe, that the universe will guide you to the right path and bless you with all your dreams and wishes.

Q: How would you describe your style of music?

A: Expensive, classy, uplifting, romantic and relate-able. It takes you to a futuristic world that opens the mind and unlocks creativity.

The music comes to life when you listen to it. Every time I hear my music I feel like I'm in a luxurious store ready to buy A Bugatti or something. Or it sounds like a sequel from the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I love making romantic music. I feel that there’s not a lot of love in the world so why not make some romantic, expensive music. I also feel like my music could be played on a runway.

Q: With your newly released single “Silver Train”  the video  was animated and full of creativity. What was the creative concept behind the video and what role did you play in the creative process?

A: The "Silver Train" video was Animated by Brandi Meadows. She really came up with the ideas for the video. We talked about the ideas that she had for it and she created her version to what she felt about the song. I like to give the artist creative space. Giving a visual artist space is very important; a lot of visual artists hate it when a musical artist doesn't give them their creative space. You have to be courteous. The reason why you wanted the artist to work on your project in the first place is so that the element that drove you to the visual artist is created into a masterpiece. My creative process started with the music that Nicole Ranalli and I put together. We made the musical magic and we've been working on this song for like two years. I remember bringing the rough draft to her; she fell in love with the song and she said that it was definitely a hit.

Q: What can your fans expect from your new EP “Super Natural"? Anything unexpected or unique from your past music we should look forward to?

A: Well this EP has its own creative energy which is much different from previous tracks I have made in the past. I like to give the viewer different vibes that come from the heart. Making this EP was amazing; like I said before, the EP sounds expensive and it takes you to a different place. Everything about it is cool from the front cover to back cover. The CD and Vinyl will be coming in shortly so stay tuned in for that. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Q: What can we expect from you with your music in 2020? Any collaborations we should be on the lookout for?

A: I don’t like to kiss and tell, just know that amazing work is coming. The couple of things that I will tell you is that the "Without My Love" video will be dropping next as well as the music video for "Needed". "You" will be dropping this summer so stay tuned. I am so excited to share more music with you guys so make sure to follow me on Instagram, SpotifyYoutube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Tidal to stay connected and learn more of what is going on. You never know, I might be dropping in in your city.

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