From the very start of the conversation I was captivated by how humble and yet creative the owners of Defiant Ones Teen Magazine were. The dynamic duo have crushed stereotypes, bullying and the age barrier of being a CEO.

Christian age 16 and Dekori age 17 are a great example of young men who look at the world and open doors through experiences instead of being the norm. From being bullied by kids at school Christian stated that he wanted to have an outlet for other kids to gain courage to be themselves. "Uniqueness is what makes you, you" Coming from a home filled with entrepreneurs, music and all around entertainment it wasn't a surprise that Christian won Atlanta's hottest musician award. Their passion for music and kids are shown in every issue that is released in their teen magazine. This was very refreshing to see young black males choose to be creative in an industry that African Americans aren't always represented or even in a positive light.

This duo is completed with older brother Dekori whose a great athlete, student and has won Atlanta's hottest male model which for a 17 year old can be a big deal. Dekori expresses his self through fashion as well with working on a shoe line called Deviance that will separate him from others indefinitely. The Robinson boys have tapped into the entertainment industry at such young ages and have gathered the teen voice like no other. The duo will continue to break barriers and define their own futures with launching a new teen podcast and continuing to build their teen magazine.

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