20 Minutes That Changed Darren "Big Baby" Brand

Darren "Big Baby" Brand continues to captivate laughs from a place of real life experiences that can speak to audiences everywhere. From being a stand up comedian to a profound writer and introducing us to new innovating trends along with jokes we can only wait on the edges of our seats to see what 2020 brings his brand.

As I started off the interview with Darren "Big Baby" Brand his opening words lead me to believe that not only was he primitively hilarious he also was a man with substance surrounding his story. With asking if the interview was clean or raw leading to "Well let me roll this blunt to get the juices flowing" I knew that the time spent with Darren would be one to remember.

From his profound quote "God has given each individual person a talent and I just happened to discover mine" I wanted to know where this statement stemmed from and how did it relate to his comedy career. Many people feel like they were meant to work in the professions they are currently in but Darren was a different story. From graduating college from North Carolina A&T, to being a manager at Walgreen's, Darren's life took a turn to ultimately introduce him to his destiny. He joined an improv freestyle group with friends he still has the opportunity to work with today that would introduce him to the world of stand up comedy. Leading him to audition for Nick Cannon's hit show on MTV Wild'n Out that have reached over 1.1 million total viewers.

Even though he landed a spot on Wild 'n Out that didn't mean it was easy or guaranteed from the beginning. Driving 10 hours to only have a 20 minute audition showed that Darren had more than drive, he held a vision that only he could execute. Hitting the stage with authenticity, freestyle ability and talent like no other Darren established strong partnerships

while building a fan base that would ride him into his next adventure. Finding out that his time on Wild 'n Out was coming to an end was devastating for a moment but Darren soon realized "that when God closes 1 door 4 will open". With that being said he went on to give details on his new 4 digital content shows such as Basic to Bougie and Next Big Dance airing across major social media platforms and the MTV network.

Comedy is only the tip of the iceberg of where Darren is continuing to take his brand. Launching the Rebel Collection that expresses your inner thoughts OUT LOUD and creating pieces for people living UNAPOLOGETIC-ALLY BOLD defines the value behind this brand. His pieces designed to uplift and show the world that being yourself can open avenues that are meant for you and you only. Even though he stated he was a country boy and is usually styled, his fashion sense is definitely in-touch with today's leading trends and mental needs. The conversation with Darren gave insight to his comedian journey while opening up the new heights he's taken to ensure credibility and originality in the industry. From writing for TRL to hosting the BET pre and social awards Darren has proven he's funny on and off the stage. Hearing the words "Comedy is a Conversation" gave me a better perspective on why Darren has been able to remain relevant and in the forefront of his peers. While making people laugh was compared to being an addictive drug, he continues to demonstrate on how being "funny on stage first" can help build content but to an aspiring comedian he leaves the advice of "Be Current, Be Consistent and Don't Quit".

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